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Pamela SmithHi there.  My name is Pam Smith and I’m the founder of PeakProbiotics.com.  Growing up, I had a lot of digestive issues and ailments.  At five, I was rushed to the hospital to have surgery to remove a portion of my intestine.  Fortunately, the surgery was successful and I’ve been able to live a relatively normal life since then.  Because I suffered from these issues at such a young age, I developed a life long interest in improving my health.

When I first came across probiotics I was amazed by all of the many benefits they bring and knew I had to share them.

I founded PeakProbiotics.com with a very simple mission:

  • To become a trusted resource where people can come to learn about the many health benefits provided by probiotics.
  • To provide the best, most reliable, and easiest to understand probiotics advice backed by science.
  • To develop and nurture a community of people willing to help each other explore, learn, and benefit from positive effects that including probiotics in your diet can provide.

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