Baby Probiotics for Your Infant – What You Need To Know

Are Probiotics Right for My Baby

As a savvy mother, and perhaps a savvy shopper as well, you have no doubt noticed whole shelves in your neighborhood supermarket have been infiltrated by baby probiotics. You’ve probably also experienced the onslaught of new information related to giving infants and children “good” bacteria. However, before you jump on the ole bandwagon just yet, […]

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Feeling Tired All The Time? Fight Fatigue with Probiotics.

Fighting Fatigue

When fighting fatigue with probiotics, it pays to start with a multi-strain type and experiment a bit to find the one most effective for you. The association between fatigue and probiotics is not straightforward. Scientific literature contains conflicting results. However, what is clear in the science is that the kinds of bacteria in the gut […]

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Three Common Questions about Probiotics and Women’s Health

What are some of the benefits of probiotics on women’s health? Probiotics have been demonstrated to have many benefits on women’s health. Probiotics are living microorganism supplements, most of which are bacteria or yeast. They are similar to the naturally occurring microorganisms found in the intestines, or gut, of every person. Three of the most […]

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